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Yoga is not a one size fits all practice. In fact, within the span of only a week you may find you need to vary your practice from fast paced to slow and restorative to feel fully supported. I have over 1500 hours of Yoga training in various styles. If you decide to work privately here are my offerings besides a vigorous Vinyasa practice:




Healing From the Inside Out

The goal of Yoga Therapy is healing. It is a holistic approach to health for anyone dealing with chronic pain, injuries disease or intense stress. To do this, you complete a thorough intake process to explore the likely cause of your bodies' difficulties beyond a singular event. This includes inquires into lifestyle, diet, relationships, and surroundings to gain a fuller picture of health beyond the physical layer. Then, you receive a tailored Yoga practice of postures, breathing and relaxation techniques suited especially for you to bring you back to a state of balance and health. Included is a 15 minute take home format of our practice to empower you to maintain your well being in between and beyond our sessions.

Ivorie is a graduate of the IAYT (International's Association of Yoga Therapist) accredited Yoga Therapy RX Program in the Center for Religion and Spirituality at Loyola Marymount University. 

The Art of Surrender

A gentle style of Yoga for overworked bodies, those nursing injuries or, those in need of self care. You will hold passive poses for longer periods of time with the support of bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps. This under utilized practice deeply relaxes all the systems of your body to release unnecessary tension in the body and mind so energy is freed up for recovery. If you practice privately with me I provide all props.

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About LMUs Yoga Therapy Program



Preggers People Only!

I gave birth to my son, Asa, 3 years ago and as any mother or mother-to-be knows, it is a life altering experience. It is also a physically altering experience as you become more intimate with the inner workings of your female form than ever before.

I practiced Asana, Pranayama and meditation until the final days of my pregnancy and I am convinced my Yoga practice, in part, allowed me a birth where I was in control. Even more valuable, were the tools Yoga gave me to navigate my way through the both the physical side of postpartum with gentle and safe asana practices to support healing and prevent injuries, as well as the emotional side of postpartum with an incredible amount of compassion, acceptance and gratitude for my new body. 

I am available to work with mothers privately or in small groups in person or via Zoom conferencing.

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