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MAY 11- 14, 2023




This weekend is designed to give back to those who spend their days giving to others. The weekend will focus on refilling your cup. You cannot effectively serve your children, your communities, your jobs, your lovers if your own cup is empty or close to it. The retreat is a combination of Yoga, meditation, community and self care held at Twin Creek Ranch nestled within the serenity and magical energy of Ojai, just 90 minutes outside of the hustle of Los Angeles. Enjoy an in-house chef and masseuse, nourishing yoga and meditation practices, a sound bath, amenities of a luxury home and more self care in a weekend than you experience in a year!



If your house is something like mine expectations can include: homemade breakfast, homemade cards, an obligatory brunch, church, gifts that you graciously accept but make you wonder if they even know you, tending to your kids because to them Mother’s Day is only 5 minutes long and they still want their snack. At the end of the day you realize that all you really wanted for Mother’s Day was to be alone with some room service and the remote! This Mother’s Day retreat will give you the best of both worlds - an extended weekend to recharge your batteries and take some much needed ME time and then, the day of Mothers Day to return to your family with your proverbial cup refilled and the desire to see your family reignited.

Picture yourself in a beautiful, modern farmhouse with a wrap-around porch perfect for slowing down time enough to watch a sunset or read a book. No one needs you here! There are no chores to be done, no tantrums to tend to and no child fights to mediate. Instead you will meditate, practice yoga, enjoy the transformational benefits of a live sound bath, enjoy lovingly prepared food by an in-house chef, relax in the hot tub, book an in-house massage, connect with other caretakers who are experiencing the same challenges and joys as you, and enjoy time ALONE.

The weekend begins on Thursday late afternoon and concludes Sunday morning with a final yoga and meditation class and a farewell Mother’s Day breakfast. You will still have the majority of the day to spend with your families so you don't miss out on construction paper cards. It is my hope that you can return with your cup full, your heart open, your mind clear and a renewed connection to your body.

I hope you choose to treat yourself this Mother’s Day.


It would be an honor for you to join me.

With Love,





May 11- 14, 2023

Ojai, California

Twin Creek Ranch

Hosted By Ivorie Jenkins



Ojai, California

Twin Creek Ranch is a luxurious and modern farmhouse retreat located in Ojai, California located about 90 minutes outside of Los Angeles. Large private gates open to 10 acres of beautifully maintained orchards and greenspace amongst oak-covered hills and stunning views of the sacred Topa Topa Mountains. On Mother’s Day weekend the blossoms of the orchard will be in full bloom!  The 4,200 sq ft home has a spacious dining area with dining tables sitting 20 guests, a fully equipped kitchen and a private yoga studio where we will practice twice a day. Living areas include ample space with a fireplace and various board games. There are five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a spacious loft. Watch Ojai's famous sunsets on the wrap-around porch, enjoy a catered dinner in the orchard, a glass of wine by the fire pit or a swim in the resort-style heated pool with hot tub and waterfall. The home is just 10 minutes from Ojai village, hiking trails, and wineries. Cherish moments of serenity, reflection, and relaxation awakened by the spirit of Ojai.



Our Sound Bath will take place on the eve of your arrival after dinner and before sleep. You will be guided by Robyn Joy of Open Mind Well.  According to Robyn, sound healing is the process of using sound frequencies, tones, vibrations to harmonize our energetic fields and attune our physical bodies. Sound therapies promote positive enhancements in our creativity, cognition, emotional and physiological well-being. Sound healing is an ancient acoustic art that has been practiced by all known cultures in one form or another, with the deepest roots in shamanic rituals. Shamans are spiritual leaders who have used music & chanting to interact with the spirit world by reaching other levels of consciousness, and channel the healing energy for the people of the community. We will use various musical instruments ~ drums, crystal singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, and more ~ that produce such frequencies & resonance to allow us to journey into the vast inner space of our consciousness.



7:30 - 7:50 AM - Morning Meditation

8 - 9:15 AM - Morning Yoga

9:30 AM - Breakfast

YOU Time

1 PM - Lunch at the Ranch or in town. Lunch at the ranch will be soup and salads. 

Ojai has wonderful restaurants. All lunches in town are at your expense.

YOU Time

5-6:30 PM - Evening Yoga

7 PM - Dinner

YOU Time

What to do during YOU TIME?

Read that book you never finished. Take a walk through the orchard. Relax in the jacuzzi.

Hike the surrounding trails. Play a board game. Venture into town. Go shopping for YOURSELF.

Watch the sunrise. Meditate some more. Watch the sunset. Journal. Watch a movie. Enjoy adult conversations. Put your feet up and enjoy the panoramic views of the Topa Topa mountains.


We are so lucky to have Bianca Rose Martinez of Compassionate Eating as our personal chef for the weekend. Bianca is a local Ojai chef who specializes in organic plant based cuisine. She sources from local farms as much as possible and only uses pure high vibe ingredients to create her unique dishes. Bianca is also an accomplished gluten-free baker and has perfected many delicious recipes including empanadas, breads, tortillas, muffins and cakes. She offers her nourishing services though catering retreats, cooking classes and seasonal items. Bianca has served Ventura and the Ojai Valley for nearly 10 years and has been featured in the The Ventura Breeze, The Ventura Star, Your Health Connection Magazine, Edible Magazine Ventura County and The Ojai Valley Newspaper's special feature where she was nominated and chosen as one of "The Women of the Ojai Valley". Bianca is a mother herself of two sons. She is so excited to serve other mothers and caretakers.

Dinner al fresco.jpeg

2 Buffet style Vegetarian DInners (Th & Fri eve)

2 Buffet style Breakfasts (Fri & Sat)

1 Formal 4 course Dinner served al fresco under the Ojai evening sky (Sat eve)

1 Mothers Day Breakfast to send you home nourished and happy (Sun am)

Optional soup and salad lunch if you decide not to venture into town (Fri & Sat)

Daily snack bar including fresh fruit, homemade breads with nut butters, tahini, crackers, trail mix, etc.

Daily option of teas, coffees and water

*Bianca is happy to accommodate food allergies, if given advance notice. Please specify if you eat fish.


*price and deposit depend on room and bed category*

King Bed + Twin Sofa Bed 

Single Occupancy - $2000

Optional Shared - $1350 per person

(deposit: $700 per person)

**This room has the ability to be shared with 1 person in the King and the other person in the Twin bed. Or 2 in the King bed. Best if shared amongst friends.

Queen Bed 

Single Occupancy - $1400  

(deposit: $700)

King Bed + Twin Bed 

Double Occupancy

King Bed - $1150

Twin Bed - $950 

(deposit: $500 per person)

*Also a shared room. You may book either the King bed or the Twin bed. If not sharing with a friend, I will pair you with another fabulous Momma.

King Bed + Twin Bed 

Double Occupancy

King Bed - $1150

Twin Bed - $950 

(deposit: $500 per person)

Three Twin Beds 

Triple Occupancy - 850 per person

(deposit: $400)

Three Twin Beds & Three Day beds

Shared Occupancy - $800 per person

(deposit: $400)

​Deposit secures your room and your rate.

Final balance due May 1, 2023.

Want to see more photos and descriptions of room categories?

Payments can be sent via

—Venmo @Ivorie-Jenkins

—Cash App $IvorieJ

—Zelle 773.870.6231

**Due to the financial responsibility for booking and holding the retreat property, all payments are non-refundable once paid. If there is an emergency I will speak with you personally to work out a solution in which monies paid are transferred to be used on another retreat



  • 3 Nights/4 days Accommodation at Twin Creek Ranch

  • In House Chef

  • 2 Delicious, Local, Organic Buffet Style Dinners, 3 Buffet Style Breakfasts, 1 Formal 4 course Mother’s Day Dinner, and optional lunches all provided by personal chef Bianca Rose

  • Coffee, Tea, Snacks & Fruit All Day

  • Guided Sound Bath

  • Daily Guided Morning Meditation 

  • 2 Yoga Classes per day

  • In-House Masseuse 

  • Use of all Resort Facilities including Pool & Hot Tub

  • Time to Refuel


  • Transportation to Ojai, California

  • Masseuse Treatments

  • Added Excursions to Ojai City Center

  • Chef Gratuity


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